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To My #1 Fan Chris Drts Who Said I Needed An OnlyFlans...

First, I'll start off by saying, I am not a fan of flan. This may or may not be a polarizing or alienating topic, so I apologize if I've offended any of you right out the gate.

With that said, this blog is basically going to act as a platform for me to release some of my short stories, prose, and poetry that might be considered a little less kid-friendly. Hence, me starting this OnlyFlans Blog. I'll be sharing works that I think are worthy of seeing the light of day and that I feel shed light on my lived experience and the lived experiences of Chicanos and other marginalized groups in our society. I may even share some photos from time to time that have influenced or inspired some of my writings. I'm also going to do my best to share light-hearted posts and pieces, because after all, what's the point of living if we can't find the humor and joy in life. I appreciate you all for your support. Keep an eye out for exciting updates and new blog entries. And don't forget to pre-order Como Mi Padrino now available for digital pre-order on <----- (click link)

(Pre-order is only available for digital e-books. Physical copies are available on May 31st.)

¡Ay Te Guacho!

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