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Soy fronterizo

Huevos con chorizo burritos

Blvd run for fresh pan, where conchas from Carlos is a likely outcome

Listen and watch as cages rattle and rotate


Pops and pica from chile verdes quema fill the air

Where tacos are a staple at almuerzo y cena,

but ordering for desayuno,pos me da pena

Where you order jalapeños crudos or toreados,and they wont bring you escabeche

Because it’s understood the native tongue yearns to taste the earths spice

Home to Gustavo y Oro, hermana de plata o plomo, quiénes somos

School of young fish,

paddle and nibble on chicharrones ahorgados en Valentina at the local piscina

Where tortillas with menudo won’t get you a saludo

Pan Santo Francecito bien tostado y mantequado

Aquanet bangs, gold hoops, old english letters, the canvas belt hangs,

pelones and pachucos,

The peludo slicks back flyaways

Vatos with ganas are the flyest guey

White canas when you’re changeless at the overpass

Colita de rana when you need


Hot steel Rocket slides, scorch tender brown thighs, where the history of Villa lies

Santa de Cábora healed thousands of lives, but in turn was terrorized

The likes of Portfirio Diaz should not be canonized


Not in these revolutionary streets

Placasos on paredes say aqui estoy y este es quien soy

The rival rolls by,

sprays through and writes TOY

Official sponsor of the 30 pack,cookouts, kickbacks, throw downs, house parties and cruises

Beefs, thrown rocks and bruises

El rincon, El Chuco, Paso del Norte

Where kids play la migra, as their loved ones are deported

Light skin escorted, melanin distorted

Mis espejos, mis ojos

Orejas reciben sañales

Confundidos, Pero mas creo inseguros

Spanglish, Anglish, working every angle

But I gotta be honest. Where I’m at right now is lookin pretty Anglo

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