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student success

Know Culture:
Education Reimagined

I believe that it’s time to reimagine how we teach and build community inside and outside of our schools. Know Culture: Education Reimagined exists to offer quality educational support services, workshops, and trainings that are designed to redefine our relationship and understanding of school, learning, and community. Moving away from antiquated frameworks of systemic instruction, I specialize in fostering a humanistic, engaging, and enlightening learing environment for both adults and children alike. My goal is the same as yours, and that is to educate and empower students, staff, and the community so that they can thrive. Your campus deserves a humanistic and strength-based approach to teaching and learning. It’s no secret that we are all struggling to close gaps and to meet the ever growing needs of our students and community.  We can create a lot of change together, but we can achieve so much more when we Know Culture.

  •  Equity And Fairness Practices And Implementation

  •  Curriculum Development And Standardized Test Preparation

  • Youth And Adult Mentorship And Professional Development

  • Resource Creation


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