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Macho No Machismo Cover Reveal!

The time has come! I am so excited to share the full cover of Macho No Machismo with you. This is going to be a very special book for parents and kids to share.

*A little chisme: Macho Manuel is loosely based on my Tata, and is a whole lot about behaviors, attitudes and ways of thinking that I’ve had to unlearn.

*Because chisme travels in pairs: There is debate in my family as to weather or not my Tata liked wrestling. Some members of my family say that he despised the sport and called it fake. Others say that he was actually a luchador, and that his boots were donated to a lucha libre museum in Mexico. Either way, somewhere along the way he got the nickname Macho, and so came the idea for a book about a young person named Macho Manuel.

Available: 9/19/23

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